Monday, October 31, 2011


The sound of the falling rain whispers gently of moments lost.
I sit in the stillness of a quiet car while my littlest sleeps. An afternoon of this and that, in and out. And now he has fluffed up his carseat and made his own appointment with dreamland.
I wonder at our inability to slow. To rest. To listen to the rain.
I watch the drops slide gracefully down the glass. Making their own trails through the others waiting to be moved.
Grace, warm and constant finds my tired heart.
Thank You for this moment. For the breath that softly falls from a little nose. For the day slowed as I wait patiently for his smile.
Thank you Lord, for plans interrupted. For cozy detours and moments I would speed right by. For little fingers wrapped around my own.
For finding me where I am and scooping me up into Your lap.
Thank You for healing rain poured out over my busy hands.